Roads Scholar Program

What is the Roads Scholar Program?

Offered by the Pennsylvania Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), the Roads Scholar Program provides an opportunity for municipal employees to be trained by LTAP’s professional team in the latest road-related technologies and innovations and receive recognition as a certified Roads Scholar.

The Roads Scholar Program consists of two designations: Roads Scholar I and Roads Scholar II. The program provides a professional certification to municipal employees and officials who attend a certain number of LTAP courses within a three-year period (10 courses for Roads Scholar I and 8 for Roads Scholar II). During these courses, participants are educated by LTAP’s technical experts on up-to-date maintenance and safety topics. Courses eligible for Roads Scholar credit are conducted at convenient locations throughout the commonwealth.

To track your progress toward Roads Scholar certification, log in to your account and use the View My Schedule feature. Clear out the start date and click on the search button. Check the current class offerings for more information.

Note: LTAP encourages you to take any Roads Scholar workshop for professional development, even if you are not working toward an LTAP Roads Scholar certificate.

Who can participate?

The Roads Scholar Program is designed for all municipal employees and officials responsible for road maintenance and safety in their community. Roadmasters, road superintendents, road crew members, public works personnel, managers, and elected officials will learn from each course and become an even more valuable member of their municipal team as a result of this knowledge. In addition, anyone earning Roads Scholar certification receives recognition by their managers and peers as authorities in their field.

How can my municipality become part of the Roads Scholar Program?

Any municipal employee or official is eligible to register and attend LTAP courses and work toward a Roads Scholar I and II certification. A Roads Scholar I certification does not have to be obtained before a Roads Scholar II certification. Requirements for Roads Scholar I and II certifications are as follows:

For Roads Scholar I:

  • Complete 10 approved Roads Scholar I courses within a three-year period
  • Pass (70% or higher) an in-class quiz taken at the end of each course

For Roads Scholar II:

  • Complete 8 approved Roads Scholar II courses within a three-year period
  • Pass (70% or higher) an in-class quiz taken at the end of each course

What courses are included in the Roads Scholar Program?

LTAP courses approved for credit toward Roads Scholar I and II certifications are conducted each year at convenient locations throughout the state.

View Roads Scholar Courses On this “Course Descriptions” page, click “print” to receive a list of Roads Scholar I and Roads Scholar II courses.

RS refers to Roads Scholar I courses and RS2 to Roads Scholar II courses.

Please note: Successful completion of an approved CPR training course accepted by your employer or the Pennsylvania Department of Health will earn you one class credit. A copy of a curent completion certificate must be forwarded to the LTAP office in Harrisburg within the three-year training window.

Roads Scholar

Roads Scholars, Share the News! CLICK HERE for a press release you can modify with your information and use to announce your accomplishment of becoming a Roads Scholar to your local media.