Archaeological and Historical Survey Report Information
Survey InformationNo Data Present
Report Number:1995-1071-029-H
Title:Ph IB/Ph II Cult. Res. Surv.: Keystone Crossing, Uwchlan Twp, Chester Co PA
Author:G.D. Lattanzi
Agency Type:Federal Agency
No. of Pages:100
LocationNo Data Present
County Municipality
Chester Uwchlan Township
Report TypesNo Data Present
Report Type Area Surveyed (hectares) No. of Properties/Sites Method(s)
Phase I 2.67 3 Systematic Shovel Testing
Phase II 2.67 2
RepositoryNo Data Present
HydrologyNo Data Present
Sub-Basin Watershed Major Stream Minor Stream
( 3) Lower Delaware River Watershed H Brandywine Creek East Branch of Brandywine Creek
Resources ReportedNo Data Present
ID Number Name
067961 Happy Days Farm
36CH0669 Happy Days Farm Springhouse
36CH0748 Locus 3
36CH0670 S. Pasture East
36CH0668 S. Pasture W.
36CH0697 South Pasture
36CH0696 Unnamed
Physiographic ZoneNo Data Present
Physiographic Zone:Piedmont Upland Section(39)
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Type Name
Abstract 19951071029H.PDF
Abstract 19951071029D.PDF
Site plan 19951071029H_G.pdf
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