Historic Resource Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Key #:083650
Property Name:Saltsburg Historic District
Resource Type:District
Approximate # of Resources:167
LocationNo Data Present
Indiana County:Saltsburg Borough
Address: , Saltsburg, PA
Location:Roughly west of Plum and Walnut Alleys
UTM:Zone 17 E 630960 N 4482420
Zone 17 E 631110 N 4482920
Zone 17 E 631250 N 4482050
Zone 17 E 631250 N 4482880
Zone 17 E 631670 N 4481970
USGS Quadrangle:Saltsburg
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:Listed
Historic InformationNo Data Present
Year Built:1829, 1941
Physical DescriptionNo Data Present
Style:Federal, Late Victorian, Other
Walls:Brick; Wood
Historic FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Commerce/Trade Specialty Store
Domestic Single Dwelling
Transportation Rail-Related
Transportation Water-Related
Transportation Railroad
Current FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Domestic Single Dwelling
Inventory ItemsNo Data Present
Report Name
View Stewart, William, House
View W. R. McIlwain Warehouse
Ancillary FeaturesNo Data Present
Associated ResourcesNo Data Present
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01/15/1992:NR Return
08/10/1982:SHPO: Eligible
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11/01/1981:HRSF/Nom. Req. Received
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National Register InformationNo Data Present
Criteria:A - Event, C - Design/Construction
Area of Significance:Archaeology-Historic Non-Aboriginal, Architecture, Commerce, Transportation
Contributing:1 Structures, 1 Sites, 15 Objects, 118 Buildings
Non-Contributing:0 Sites, 0 Objects, 32 Buildings, 0 Structures
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Scanned NR File H083650_83555_10.pdf
Inventory H083650_83555_I.pdf
Photograph H083650_83555_B.pdf
Photograph H083650_01B.jpg
NR Form H083650_01H.pdf
Inventory H083650_01I.pdf
Photograph H083650_02B.jpg
Photograph H083650_03B.jpg
Site plan H083650_06A.pdf
Report        Title
1989-H002-042 Two Historic PA Canal Towns: Alexandria and Saltsburg
1996-R028-063-A Phase I Archaeological Report, Saltsburg Canal Park, Saltsburg Borough, Indiana County
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