Historic Resource Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Key #:001307
Property Name:Central Railroad of New Jersey Station; Central Railroad of New Jersey: Station
Resource Type:Building
Approximate # of Resources:1
LocationNo Data Present
Carbon County:Jim Thorpe Borough
Address:Susquehanna St. ,
UTM:Zone 18 E 437760 N 4523560
USGS Quadrangle:Lehighton
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:Listed
Historic InformationNo Data Present
Year Built:1888
Architect/ Engineer:Wilson, B.
Builder:Neast & Co.
Physical DescriptionNo Data Present
Style:Queen Anne
Historic FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Transportation Rail-Related
Transportation Train Depot
Current FunctionNo Data Present
Inventory ItemsNo Data Present
Ancillary FeaturesNo Data Present
Associated ResourcesNo Data Present
Resource Name Association
155754 Central Railroad of New Jersey (aggregate file) Historically Associated
Administrative ActionsNo Data Present
11/03/2017:Date Record Updated
04/23/2003:Date Record Updated
01/01/1976:NR Listed
10/21/1975:Sent to NPS
09/30/1975:Board Approved
National Register InformationNo Data Present
Area of Significance:Architecture, Transportation
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Form H001307_1288_D.pdf
Drawing H001307_1288_C.pdf
Photograph H001307_01B.jpg
NR Form H001307_01H.pdf
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