Bridge Resource Information
IdentificationNo Data Present
Key #:000068
Property Name:Bridge in Nicholson Township
Resource Type:Structure
LocationNo Data Present
Wyoming County:Nicholson Township
UTM:Zone 18 E 431390 N 4606000
USGS Quadrangle:Factoryville
General CharacteristicsNo Data Present
Predominant Material:Steel
# Spans:1
# Main Spans:1
Overall Length:110
SpansNo Data Present
Span Type Survey Type Material Design Length  Features
Main Truss - Through Steel Lenticular/Parabolic
SubstructureNo Data Present
Material Feature Configuration
StatusNo Data Present
NR Status:Listed
Historic InformationNo Data Present
Year Built:1876
Builder:Cor Metal Co.
Historic FunctionNo Data Present
Function Sub Function Particular Use
Transportation Road-Related (Vehicular)
Transportation Bridge
Current FunctionNo Data Present
Inventory ItemsNo Data Present
Ancillary FeaturesNo Data Present
Associated ResourcesNo Data Present
Administrative ActionsNo Data Present
07/16/2018:Date Record Updated
07/14/2017:Date Record Updated
12/09/1996:Date Record Updated
06/22/1988:NR Listed
04/25/1988:Sent to NPS
01/14/1986:Board Approved
01/06/1986:NR Nom. 1st Submission
National Register InformationNo Data Present
Criteria:C - Design/Construction
Area of Significance:Engineering
Contributing:1 Structures
Multiple Property Listings:Highway Bridges Owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation TR (RefNo 64000726)
AttachmentsNo Data Present
CommentsNo Data Present
Bridge Survey
Bridge moved to Lazybrook Park in Tunkhannock Township in 2018.
HAER PA, 66-NICH.V, 1-; PA-468