Research Projects

Transportation Pooled Fund Studies
Completed Projects

      Best Practices for Design Evaluation and Quality Control of High Percentage RAP Mixes
      Bridge Deck Cracking: Effects on In-Service Performance, Prevention, and Remediation
      Correlation of Laboratory-Compacted and Field-Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt Permeability
      Cost Benefit Analysis of Anti-Strip Additives in Hot Mix Asphalt with Various Aggregates
      Densi-Crete on a Superstructure
      Development of Guidelines for Usage of High Percent RAP in Warm-Mix Asphalt Pavements
      Development of Guidelines to Minimize Moisture Damage with Aggregates in Hot-Mix Asphalt
      Evaluation of Bond Performance of Fasttack Emulsion for Tack Coat Applications
      Evaluation of Hydraulic Plate Compactor
      Evaluation of Polyethylene Snap Tite Pipe Liner
      Evaluation of RePlay Soy-Based Sealer
      Evaluation Performance of Limestone Prone to Polishing
      Field Focused Superpave Validation
      Hardened Air in Concrete Roadway Pavements in Structures
      Improved Performance of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements (JPCP) through a Better Awareness of Drying Shrinkage
      Maglev Robotic Welding of an i-Beam using a GMAW Gantry System
      Market Analysis of Construction Materials with Recommendations for the Future of the Industry
      Measured Response of an Instrumented Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement to Applied Vehicle Loads
      Preliminary Assessment of Acid Producing Rock on Future PennDOT Construction
      Premature Deterioration of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements
      Subsurface Utility Engineering [SUE] Manual
      Tubular Flange Girders
      Tuf-Strand Fiber Concrete Additive

      50 KSI Steeh H-Pile Capacity
      A Rational Procedure For Rock Slope Design For Western Pennsylvania
      Assessment of Current Design Loads for Permit Vehicle
      Bridge Rail Analysis and Crash Testing
      Buckling Strength of Circular Tubes in Signs
      Controlling Debris at Pennsylvania Bridges
      Design Guidance Manual
      Determining More Effective Approaches and Materials for Grouting Shear Keys
      Determination of Structural Benefits of Geogrids in Pavement Design
      Developing Standards and Specifications for Full Depth Pavement Reclamation
      Development of Pot Bearing Standards
      Establishing Appropriate Inputs When Using the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
      Evaluation of Crumb Rubber Modifier with Vestenamer in HMA for Anti-Rutting
      Evaluation of Modular Expansion Dam
      Guidelines for Analyzing Curved and Skewed Bridges
      Monitoring of Integral Abutment Bridges and Design Criteria Development
      Pavement Academy 2009
  Developing a Methodology to Incorporate Transit, Pedestrian and Bicycle Design Features into Highway and Bridge Projects
      Post-Consumer Roofing Shingles in HMA
      Prediction of Movement and Stresses in Curved and Skewed Bridges
      Selection & Design of Scour Countermeasures for Pennsylvania Bridges
      Tarrtown Bridge Project Case Study
      Technology Evaluation on Characterization of the Air Void System in Concrete
      Vestenamer Modifier in Crumb Rubber Asphalt

      Airport Pavement Management System
      Application of Non-Destructive Testing to Evaluate Unknown Foundations for Pennsylvania Bridges
      Bridge Deck Patching Materials
      Bridge Waterproofing Details Phase 2
      Coatings and Treatments for Beam Ends
      Concrete Pavement Cracking Rehabilitation
      Condition Assessment of Short Line Railroad Bridges in PA
      Deterioration of J-Bar Reinforcement in Abutments and Piers
      District 3-0 Investigation of Fiber Wrap Technology Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation
      Effective Use and Application of Winter Roadway Maintenance Material Enhancers
      Effects of Fire Damage on the Structural Properties of Steel Bridge Elements
      Evaluation of an Alternative Offset Mechanical Splice System
  Inspection Methods and Techniques to Determine Non-Visible Corrosion
      Longitudinal Cracking in Concrete at Bridge Deck Dams on Structural Rehabilitation Projects
  Maintenance Executive Development Program (MEDP) Innovation Day
      Noninvasive Assessment of Existing Concrete
      Overlay Field Application US 119
      Prestressed Pavement Rehabilitation

      70 MPH Study
      Accelerated Bridge Paint Test Program
      Advanced Road Safety and Weather Warning System
      Benefits of Signal Timing Optimization and ITS Corridor Operations
      Bicycle Bus Area Conflict Study
      Crash Data Safety Factors Evaluations
      Development of a Strategic Plan to Upgrade Stations on the Keystone Corridor
      Dynamic Network Analysis & Real-time Traffic Management for Philadelphia Metropolitan Area
      Effective Utility Accommodation
      Effectiveness of Speed Minders in Reducing Driving Speeds on Rural Highways in Pennsylvania
      Entrance Angle of Glass Beads into Waterborne Paint
      Evaluation of Striped Vertical Panels in Temporary Traffic Control Zones
      Flashing White Light Evaluation
      Highway Corridor Transformation Research Study - Proof of Concept
      Highway Incident Detection Time-line
      Implementation of Probe Data Performance Measures
      Improving Mature Driver Safety Efforts
      Motorcycle Safety Program
      Optimizing the Life Cycle of PennDOT Equipment Final Report
      Pavement Markings State of the Practice Study
      Portable Sign Crash Test
      Real Time Incident Detection Using Social Media Data
      Regionalized Safety Performance Functions
      Retroreflectivity Database Study
      Retroreflectivity of Existing Signs in Pennsylvania
      Research of Current Practices in Pavement Performance Modeling
      Risk Management Strategy for Bridges and Structures
      Road Condition Reporting
      Rumble Strip Installation on Thin Pavement Overlays
      Safer Driver Actions at Stop Signs
      Safety Assessment of Steel Bridge Damaged by Truck Strikes
      Safety Evaluation of Wider Edge Lines on Curves
      Safety Evaluation of ``YTPCD`` at Non Signalized Mid Block Crossings
      Smart Pavement Case Study Pavement Sensors - Phase 2B
      Statewide Crash Analysis & Forecasting
      TDM (Travel Demand Management) Best Practices for Southeast Pennsylvania's US 422 Corridor
      The Impact of the Sanctioning Process on Driver Safety
      Using Spatial Tools to Analyze Crash and Roadway Data
      Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Effectiveness
      Evaluation of Prismo Imprint
      Fixed Automated Spray Technology
      Study of Highway Subsidence due to Longwall Mining

      Action Plan for Implementing Local Airport Hazard Zoning Ordinances
      Analysis of Public Benefits for PA Rail Freight Funding
      Analysis of Staggered Apportioned Registration Renewals
      Archaeological Predictive Model Set
      Biodiesel Fuel Feasibility Study
      Computer-Based Training for Drivers License Examiners to Conduct Non-Commercial Skills Testing
      Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 2040 Vision Final Report
      Determination of the Future Direction of the Roadway Weather Information System at PennDOT (RWIS)
      Erie Bayfront Intermodal Integrator Study
      Evaluation of the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) Program in Pennsylvania
      Evaluating, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Transit and Economic Data Collection Needs and Measures
      Feasibility of Using Email for Renewal Notices
      Forecasting Short Term Transit Ridership Activities (T-BEST)
      Freeway Ramp Management
      Identifying Impediments and Solutions to Sidewalk Project Implementation In Pennsylvania
      Impacts of Vanpooling
      Interstate Farm Vehicle Policy Comparison Study
      ITS Evaluations and Activities
      Modal Integration and Mobility Plan for the Robinson/North Fayette Retail Area
      PennDOT Analysis of Staggered Apportioned Registration Renewals
      PennDOT Research Executive Summary
      Pennsylvania Safe Routes to School Program (2010)
      Safe Routes to School Program (2014)
      The Reintroduction of Priority Freshwater Mussel Species into the Shenango River